Monday, 19 April 2010

Snooker/orienteering combo

Great to see some new faces tonight. Who knows, perhaps there's a future British Champion in this group!! For those with more modest aspirations the aim is enjoyment. It was great that all were happy trying the snooker-themed course.

The challenge was to navigate to a "red" control followed by a "colour" (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink or black). Once all the red had been "potted" the colours were visited in sequence. With a couple of decoys out there too, good planning, concentration and mapreading came in handy to avoid or minimise "fouls".

Sportident electronic timers were used to calculate scores with everyone receiving a printout on finishing showing the order they'd visited controls. These revealed a few fouls but not many. Well done to everyone for tackling the course so enthusiastically.

Unfortunately unexpected problems arose over the use of our room. I'm pleased to report that they're sorted. Thanks for your patience.

Next week the session is at Moorside Park, Crosby. A location map will appear here soon to make sure you all get there!!